The Power of Turmeric Mask 

It was 8 months ago when I posted about turmeric mask for acne skin. Indeed, one of my hardest moments in life where my confidence was at the lowest point was the time when I had sudden breakouts of acne. It was one month away from my engagement day, and I felt like I was the ugliest girl. I’m grateful for having a fiancé who is so positive and supportive, for staying with me during my hard times. I was in New Zealand that time, the cold weather did not even cool down the problem, in fact it gotten even worse when my skin became very dry. 

I consulted with the doctor, he suggested that my condition was due to hormonal imbalance. I have never had such bad acne problem, even during my teenage time, only a few would appear during my menses which I consider normal. Not until I went for a facial treatment in a facial saloon for a pore refining treatment. What I got in return was a full face of reddish and swollen face with acne. I felt so lost, and I don’t think people who have never experienced this would understand.

From the doctor, he prescribed antibiotics which I consumed for months. At the same time, I read about natural remedies and that was when I encountered the turmeric mask. I was quite concerned with the antibiotics that I needed to take once a day. So I tried the turmeric mask because it also has the antibacterial effect naturally. And since the doctor claimed that my case was because of the hormonal problem, I started to consume the evening primrose oil as a supplement to restore the hormones activity (Blackmores, 3 tablets per day). At the same time, I also took royal jelly capsules (1000mg per tablet per day) which I bought in NZ. 

I apply the turmeric mask every night, before sleep, and even during day time on weekends. You only need turmeric powder, pure honey and greek yogurt to make the mask. You can keep it refrigerated if you happen to make extra. 

Another mask which I tried recently too works wonders – the sandalwood mask. All you need is sandalwood powder and mix it with rose water. I found it very cooling but be careful it might cause your face to stain yellow.

And thank God, my condition gets better. I still have acne now, and the scars too, but I’m relieved that it is better than it used to be. 

The purpose of this post is to share with people who are just like me, having face acne which eventually makes you feel like it’s the end of the world. I feel you, and I couldn’t understand more. If you ever feel bad for having face acne or breakouts, you are not alone.