Kimchi please?

So my family and I went to Seoul recently. It was a pretty last minute trip, a short last minute trip.

I don’t know if I ever want to go back to Seoul again. The moment I sat down in the bus to Incheon airport, I was pretty sure that I’m not coming back. 2 weeks after settling down in the office, and had a talk with my bestie, it made me think, that the destination did not really matter. Seoul wasn’t even the initial plan. The thing that matters the most was, whom did you travel with, and the memories made. All I could say is, I miss those times spent in Seoul, with them! Sharing some of the moments in Kimchi land..

  • That moment when Nuha cried so loud in the midst of a busy Namdaemun market and how my mother in law searched for a spot for me to breastfeed her. We finally found an ahjumma of a shop who was kind enough to let us in and stayed for a while until Nuha done feeding.
  • The moment I saw my husband kissed her daughter’s freezing chubby cheeks during a parade in a theme park, which he never did for me 🙄
  • The way my father in law put on a scarf because he was freezing, he looked so cute!
  • That nervous look of my mother on her first international flight (my first flight with her!),
  • How helpful and considerate my brothers in law had been throughout the trip carrying the baby stroller when her majesty refused to sit in it.
  • Running in the cold weather with my brother in law looking for the bus we thought we had missed to go Everland, turned out that the bus was late!
  • The look of my mother in law when she tried Korean kimchi jigae which was her first Korean meal (she said it’s good just like tomyam 😂 I’m glad you tried mama!)
  • And the excited look of my brother when we went to the theme park trying out the rides. Too bad I couldn’t ride everything since I was carrying a clingy baby koala (Nuha) 🤧
  • We were visiting during autumn time, almost the end of autumn to be exact. Lucky us that the golden autumn leaves were still around even though not much. The best autumn foliage we’ve seen was at the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace. The weather was cold and the day was short. I’d prefer if the temperature was warmer and longer day time. I really couldn’t stand the cold (and cold people too), I think everyone was not enjoying the cold weather. Plus we walked too much from the subway stations to another and to the tourist spots. It consumed our energy especially the grandparents (and me as a first-time-traveling-with-a-baby-mom).
  • Koreans are generally good looking people, whether naturally or not it doesn’t matter. But we live in a world where beauty fades with time. What really matters to me, is attitude. I wish some of them would have better attitude towards fellow humans from other parts of the world outside their cocoons.
  • Guess that’s all I have to say about the trip. Next trip: ________________ 😉
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