Dilemma of a Working Mom

Let’s hold hands, and never let go

How to be convinced that a babysitter will care for your baby the way you do? Or at least the way you want your baby to be cared for? After all a babysitter is just a stranger, paid to look after your baby when you’re not around. Unless the babysitter is a family member, whom I think can be trusted and relied upon, giving a mother more peace at heart.

Dear daughter, mama is sorry for not being able to look after you once I start working. Maternity leave is coming to an end soon and I feel so sad to send you to the babysitter. 8 to 9 hours a day, which could be our precious time to spend with each other will be someone else’s to spend with you 😢

Will she spend time to talk to you? Or just let you watch TV which I will never let you to? Mama will miss hearing you babbling and watch you giving me a big smile, or perhaps miss the chance to hear your first word. Will it be “Mama”? Promise it’ll be mama okay?

Will she feed you when you cry and hungry? Or will she just feed you every time you cry even though all you need is an embrace and a little soothing song? How will she warm up the milk? Is it at the right temperature? ☹️

How will she clean you after you poo poo? Or giving you a bath? Because mama always gives you a warm bath and I enjoy watching how your little feet kicking in the water 😢

And how will she put you to sleep? Will she sing a song like I do? Because to me, looking at you sleeping is the best feeling ever. Watching you smile while you sleep and wondering if it’s mama that you’re dreaming about 😭

I’m sad. I wish I could take care of my baby by my own. But I need this job, there’s no way to quit unless I’m a millionaire or married to one.

Dear God, I pray that you will always keep my little baby safe and healthy during my absence.


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