You don’t know how much you can love someone, until you realize that you just can’t live without them. When I look at my mother, I realize that she’s getting older and it makes me sad. Knowing that someone who has an unconditional love for me, growing old while I am busy building my own little family, breaks my heart. Have I done enough for her all these while? Will I still be able to spend time with her tomorrow? When I watch my husband sleeps, I realize that there’s an unlimited capacity of love in my heart for him. If I could be given a chance, I’d never want to miss a thing or a moment with him. I could stare at his sleeping face and be contented for this gift in my life. When I kiss my baby, I realize that her smell is the best smell in the world, and I wonder what kind of mother would I be for her.

Silently I pray that all the people I love will always be with me. Selfish thought I know, but I just can’t live without them, or maybe without them, life just will not be the same.

Ah, I’m being overly emotional and sensitive again


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