I need TWO jobs! Or more!

Still in the midst of finding the balance between my career and doing things I like.. I like sewing and making clothes but I’m short on budget to even buy a sewing machine. And what can I think of is doing a part time job. I know working in the office 5 days a week 9 hours a day is exhausting, mentally and physically. Running for meetings, cracking your heads with graphs and data (I’m a junior so I need to learn more and fast). When I get home I just wanna sleep and rest. But still I need to do the things I like, while I’m still young..and free?

Maybe I could be a personal tutor? Actually I posted an advertisement for this (Haha). Hopefully there are people outside who’d be interested to send their kids to me for tutoring. Well it’s not bad at all because I was a tuition teacher back then during my unemployment period. I find kids are cute (most of the time) and enjoy teaching them. Oh they should be between 7 to 12 years old, because I just don’t want to trouble myself studying high school’s syllabus. I can teach Mandarin too! I hope my weekends can be filled with teaching children for their greater gain in studies (and for my hobby’s dream).

I was thinking that I could be a weekend-cleaner too. You know, those kinds of part-time maid over the weekend who only works for few hours depending on the request. I’m not a bad cleaner at all, maybe I should start posting advertisement for this too!

Another part time job that I could think of is to be a Uber driver. BUT I’m so BAD with directions that I’m afraid I could get lost in this big city of Kuala Lumpur! Alone or maybe with my passengers! Ha! I better not.

When I was small I really didn’t have any idea on how hard it is to earn money. Thank you mom and dad for raising me up. You guys have worked so hard for me. I want to start my hobby so badly, I’m gonna buy that sewing machine.



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