Chiang Mai, Thailand – Great Food 

Early May I went to Chiang Mai for a short weekend getaway. I just needed some time away from office every now and then. So my friends and I planned the trip and booked the accommodation with flight tickets for RM 250 by AirAsia Go. Cheap right! It was a budget trip and we reaally wanted to save as much as we could. And off we went to the north part of Thailand – Chiang Mai.

When we arrived at Chiang Mai Airport, we grabbed a taxi or they called it airport limo (Toyota Fortuner) to get us to the hotel. We were offered some tour packages by the driver, a chirpy man I’d say to bring us to explore Chiang Mai. Our plan was to visit the Doi Suthep National Park and to go shopping at the night markets. And we thought it’s better if we had someone to tour since we’re not Thai-speaker and the only word we’ve known was “Sawaddeka” Haha! And the deal was not bad so we agreed.

The hotel we stayed located in the old city near Thapae Gate, the east gate. One of the top attractions in Chiang Mai is the Old City. The city was once a square-walled city surrounded by a moat. The remainings of the wall can still be seen today, with some of it was rebuilt for tourists attraction spot. 

The hotel was a budget hotel, or should I say hostel for backpackers. The owner speaks little English but it’s not that hard to communicate. BB House – not bad for a short stay with dorm rooms with shared bathroom. The building was pretty new, maybe newly renovated so it’s comfortable. The room with two bunk beds fit us four girls just nice for a 3 nights stay, even though we pretty cramped ourselves with our bags and of course, our shopping stuffs. It was a budget trip after all so we didn’t really mind.

What I love most about Thailand was its cheap fruit juices. It was just heaven to have pineapple or mango freshly blended with no sugar added for just 40 baht! Imagine how much would it cost in a hipster cafeteria, well because you pay more for Mango Tango since it is more healthy than sodas. Not only fruit juices, you pay for the same price for a large cup of cappuccino and mocha! And their coffee was the best! Don’t forget their matchas too, they’re just too good! 

We tried a lot of food in Chiang Mai. Of course our main objective was to try Thai’s most famous cuisine – Tom Yam. They added coconut milk in their tom yam to give it a creamy taste. You could taste the sweetness coming from the fresh prawns and mussels, the tangy tomato soup complimented with a nice kaffir lime leaves smell. 

Another well known Thai cuisine we tried was Pad Thai. It’s basically rice noodles fried with fish sauce, egg and shrimps added with chilli flakes and lime juice. The final plating was topped with bean sprouts to make it extra crunchy. This was a simple but filling dish.

I tried this delicious egg porridge during breakfast and it was so good I wish I could ask for more. The porridge itself was so rich in chicken flavor, perhaps cooked with chicken stock, and a half boiled egg was added to it just before serving. Fried rice vermicelli and spring onions were the sidekicks for this porridge. It’s just perfect for breakfast because you felt just like home!

These were the desserts. They were egg custards with caramel sauce topped with fried onion, egg custard with glutinous rice and coconut milk, tapioca cakes with coconut, and steamed banana with sugar. Another dish which was not captured was the Mango and Glutinous Rice, just remember to grab one when you’re here okay!

We had so many good food in ChiangMai. Hopefully we can come back for longer stay in this subtle small town. 


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