I am officially 25 years old in this month of June. I realize that when you are getting older, there are more tough decisions to make each day, and of course you become wiser with every lesson learned. I don’t mean “wiser” in an intellectual way, it is some kind of appreciation of moments and experience which taught you along the way to become a matured grown up with better judgement. Needless to say, at this age, I’m just like any other 25 year old out there, think myself is having a quarter life crisis.

I want to live a secured life with stable job and income, maybe having a vacation or two when the budget is right and maybe when I get stressed out with my work. But at the same time I want to go explore the world, see the places I only read on the Internet, take amazing photos, breathe the new air, so carefree, can you imagine? Spend every day checking out the new places in your bucket list, observing nature and culture of a foreign land and learning their languages, trying out their local food. The reality is not that sweet though. I spend everyday monitoring oil wells problem and production, attending meetings to drill new wells, and learning software and simulations. There’s no such thing as having your breakfast with sunrise in Mauritius or sleeping with auroras above your head in Iceland. Life is tough and earning is tough. Everything comes with a price that you need to pay. I have always envied those who could actually do what they like to do. A friend of mine is a flight attendant and travels the world all the time. Looking at her Instagram photos, I start comparing her job with mine, thinking how much passion she must have for her job, I mean who doesn’t have passion for traveling, right? All she needs to do is to put on her make up and uniform and smile, walk around taking orders and serving passengers. And the other friend of mine is starting a baking business. I love baking too but I don’t get to do it because I don’t have the time! And how I struggle with my job just to design sand control in well completion? Which takes months? Where is my passion? What is my passion?

And then I had this conversation with my best friend which made me realized that what I thought was wrong. Do you think being a flight attendant is easy? Not at all. Yes they travel all the time and get to see the nice places; but they meet rude passengers every now and then, sexual harassment and long hours flight. And what about their families? They don’t get to see their families as often as you do. Baking? There is a guy I know who is a drilling engineer and he bakes part time. No time? That’s just excuses!

What is my passion? That is a very common question you might get ask in an interview. And if you don’t know how to describe it in the most compelling way then you might have failed the interview. Well, next time if you get asked what are you passionate about, don’t be intimidated by it. Because what I know now is that passion, is not a job. It is not even a hobby or a dream or an ambition. It is not your life plan, or goal; passion is a feeling. Humans are full of feelings and that can change anytime. I might want to be a flight attendant today and maybe tomorrow I want to be a baker. And someday I might want to be a stay-at-home mum, knitting sweaters for my cat! Passion is a feeling when you put your most effort in the thing you do, your 100% focus and attention in your task, and finding ways to get the best result out of it. That is how I define being passionate. Because it is unfair when passion is defined as doing something you like doing. Do you think a cleaner likes to clean the floor just because she has passion in sweeping the floor? 

From now on, I will think more positively about my job. Because I have the coolest job ever! No one knows how important it is to do stuff like designing an oil well but it doesn’t matter because I know better. I am not a fast learner but let’s appreciate every little thing that I have learned everyday because, knowledge adds up to expertise. I am passionate about my job.



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