My Favorite thing

My favorite thing in the world, is the stars. Songs, quotes, movies, anything with stars in it, I will just love it. It is so magical that, something so distant and tiny from our view, can make us realize how small we are in this universe. All of the stars unite with each other, and mesmerizes people with their twinkles and dazzles. The fact that I am living in a city full of lights, and stars are not within my vicinity. I know they are out there, they always do. But still, they are like the hidden gems, which can only be seen when there’s darkness.

Working as an engineer, on an offshore platform, I had the best chance to do stargazing. After work I’d go to the helipad, lie down, and just look at the stars. Look how they are shining, and look at the constellations they are forming. It’s just wonderfully magical, after having a long day on the platform, far from home.

The most beautiful stargazing experience I had was during my trip to New Zealand. At the Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo, pick a comfortable spot to lie down, and there you go, the great Milky Way is right above your head. I wished it was a little quieter but the tourists were too loud, messing with my concentration to enjoy the view. And it was freezing cold, but it didn’t stop me from having the best night of my life.


The image is taken from Google, since I did not have a good camera to capture the Milky Way. The view will always remain in my heart. I wish that one day, I could go stargazing with you, stargazing with love, so that I could have both of my favorite things in the world, at the same time 🙂



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