Koh Lipe, Thailand


I am someone who constantly needs an island getaway. I long for the fresh sea breeze, whispering on my face while I’m relaxing on the white sandy beach, on a perfect sunny day. And of course, the colorful corals and fish underwater. I love the underwater world because it is just magical to view so many creatures living together in a quiet ecosystem. My trip to Koh Lipe, Thailand was 2 years ago. The sunset view was taken at the Sunset Beach, as the name suggests. Magnificent, peaceful evening was the way I could describe it.


This was taken at noon, look at the blue sea! After strolling at the seaside, you can just go to the center of the island which is 10 minutes walk away. Just a suggestion on what to do after a long day on the beach in Koh Lipe, go grab a Thai’s banana pancake on the way to the Thai masseuse for a massage. And the Thai body massage I had was excellent!


I wish I could go back again to Koh Lipe, for a short vacation. Just need a break from office..



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