Pet Peeves

  1. Body Odor! Deodorant exists for a reason. Dislike roll-on deodorant? You can spray too! And most of them last for 24 hrs as claimed by the manufacturer.
  2. It DEPENDS. Not it’s depend! And it’s YOU’RE, not YOUR.
  3. Rolling on my bed when it’s all tidy? when the bed sheet is fitted tightly? I’m sorry , please make my bed.
  4. When my bed sheet is NOT fitted tightly, with wrinkles on it. I need that smooth sheet all the time.
  5. Driving slow in the fast lane. Please let the car behind you pass!
  6. Foggy glasses when you get out of the car.
  7. Cutting people in line. I mean, did you leave your manners at home?
  8. Mr/Mrs Know It All & Mr/Mrs Always Right. The only eligible Mr Know it All is Google, he might not be right all the time though.
  9. Something stuck in my teeth.
  10. Not flushing & NOT washing hands after using the toilet
  11. Walking pass by a person wearing that perfume which I don’t like.

Some of my pet peeves. Oh my I have hundreds more! Maybe you share the same pet peeves too?


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