Najwa Zebian


“You loved having something to give, someone to fix, someone to please”

Najwa Zebian is the new hit! If you haven’t read her poetries already, you can do so by following her on InstagramNajwa Zebian. She is a 25 year old Lebanese Canadian, talented new author. I am 25 years old too, but I can barely do anything amazing. I mean I love writing, reading, baking, traveling; but none of the things that I do now is even related to those. I love and adore people who are good in languages, writings and literature, I have always do. I think they are gifted people who are able to express their feelings on paper, such in a way that can make others feel the same too. Readers can relate, or imagine, because the words are so true, or at   least  it’s something you want to hear  😂 but people who are good with words, sometimes they might be just too good to be true, because after all words can be deceiving, and what are words, if you don’t really mean them when you say them?

Buenas noches ❤️


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