DIY Rustic Tulips Bouquet

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I love them for their subtle beauty, simplicity yet elegant. Last weekend I tried to do my first hand bouquet ever, using tulips and baby’s breath. It was for a special occasion and I thought it was just perfect!

It’s not hard to do your own bouquet. You will need your favorite flowers, ribbons, rustic ropes, scissors and some creativity 😄 

Firstly you need to decide how big you want it, for you might need more flowers for a bigger bouquet. My bouquet was a small one, with 9 pink tulips and 9 white tulips. I arranged them randomly and tied them to ensure they’re in place. Then I placed the baby’s breath around them before tying them with the tulips. You will need to adjust them to make sure they are of the uniform volume around the tulips. Next I trimmed the baby’s breath stems at the bottom of the bouquet. 


  I tied them again with the rustic rope, tight and neat before finishing it off with a ribbon on top of the rope. Tadaa! There you go, simple and rustic DIY tulips hand bouquet 😊 

Happy DIY-ing! 


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