Fun and Easy Pom Poms Flowers

FullSizeRender (1)

Hola & Happy weekend everyone! In case you’re bored why don’t we try to be a little creative? Recently I have this obsession over paper flowers. I’m not always a DIY person but I find it fun and makes a pretty good hobby too! That pom pom carnation above was the one I did in my office (during my lunch time of course :P) I found this crafts making in Pinterest and you can try tonnes of DIY flower crafts provided that you have the suitable papers. It doesn’t need extra skills at all, just be a bit neat on the folding and you’re ready to go! You can choose to cut the edge of the papers with a round tip or a pointy tip. It gives different effects on the flowers, well it is up to your own liking!

Our Girl Scout troop is going to make these to decorate the Bridge at Fernandez Park for our bridging ceremony. Hope it's as easy as it looks!:
You can find more crafts or this picture in Pinterest or here

Beautiful! These pom poms flowers make good decorations for parties, festive celebration or even weddings! Happy DIY-ing people 🙂





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