“We always want something we can’t/don’t have, we always fall for someone who doesn’t love us back” I think it’s the nature of human, or human logic, to yearn for things and people we can’t afford. And how funny it is, when we finally get what we wanted, we start taking them for granted. We always take things for granted: job, family, love, friends. Remember when you were struggling after you graduated? Doing part time job, going for interviews just to get one job that would give you monthly income? Your family members were always giving  you encouragements when you failed the interviews one after another. And now that you have a position in an international company, how often do you call home? How often do you tell your mum “I miss you”? And how much time did you spend at your cubicle scrolling your Instagram instead of chasing the deadlines? Weren’t you the one who wanted the job that badly? I am not pointing fingers to anybody, it’s actually all about me.

And how many times that you left your loved ones message unanswered just because you’re busy?

I am sorry.


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