Skydiving in Abel Tasman


Because you only live once!

I was flying 13,000 ft over the sky of Abel Tasman, and it was the most amazing view ever. My first skydiving experience was realized by the Sky Dive Abel Tasman crew, thank you to my tandem master Evan who took care of this scaredy cat up there HAHA. But honestly I wasn’t all that scared, in fact I was so excited to jump off that plane!

The skydiving costs me $488 NZD which consisted of :

  • 13,000ft skydive – $299 NZD  and
  • Photos & video in a USB drive – $189 NZD (actual price was $219 NZD but get yourself $30 NZD off from the discount voucher from AA Traveller Magazine!)

The feeling of free fall at 180km per hour will be an unforgettable memory, and it will also make you look bad in the video (imagine those cheek’s fat doing their own skydiving!) I almost did not recognize myself, well thanks fatty cheek. And the moment my instructor deployed the parachute, I was mesmerized by the beautiful view of Abel from above. So this is what birds see, Oh look at those tiny houses! Oh I’m flying! Evan claimed that it was his office, how I wish I could have an office in the sky too.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to do, and I DID IT!


and oh yes, I am sorry Mum


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